Behind The Scenes with Kirk Degiorgio
Apr 26, 2014

Behind The Scenes, a brand new SGMUSO initiative, is a series of workshops/talks designed to give members exclusive access to key players in the music industry. Our special guests will provide an insider's perspective with crucial insights on a variety of relevant music industry matters.

Kirk Degiorgio (aka As One), world renowned techno DJ/producer kicks off Behind The Scenes, and will discuss topics pertinent to electronic music artists. Local electronic music producer, Cherry Chan (SYNDICATE) will moderate the discussion with Degiorgio. 

Discuss topics: Introduction to the evolution of Techno, How to be a successful electronic music artist, Making Music for the Dancefloor vs Making Music for Listening, Live Demo of an Effective Techno Loop in Ableton. 

If you've missed our session with Kirk Degiorgio, fret not. This blog has very kindly done up a transcript of the talk. (Thanks Emily!) Read more here!