SGMUSO Live Showcase: Singapore!
Nov 18, 2015

The SGMUSO Live Showcase has been on the road with Singapore: Inside Out this year, bringing Singapore’s exciting music acts to Beijing, London and New York and sharing intimate snapshots of our burgeoning music scene. Discover first-hand why Singapore’s musicians are now ready to take on the world as these music acts reunite at the home-coming of the SGMUSO Live Showcase at Tan Quee Lan for 4 nights.

27th Nov, 8.30pm
SGMUSO Live Showcase:
SA, Caracal featuring visual collective NMA

The edgier acts of the SGMUSO Live Showcase project take centerstage. SA and Caracal are polar opposites musically and this diversity will set the tone for the Singapore leg to reflect one of SGMUSO’s core tenets: a celebration of music diversity. Visual collective NMA’s works will create a electrifying live experience to complement SA and Caracal.

28th Nov, 9pm
SGMUSO Live Showcase:
Charlie Lim x Vandetta

These artists demonstrate the considerate talent that Singapore artists currently possess. Blessed with dynamic stage presence and classy sonic delivery, Charlie’s soulful croon matched with Vandetta's (Vanessa Fernandez) stunning voice will definitely be musical highlight of the evening.

29th Nov, 8pm
SGMUSO Live Showcase:
Charlie Lim, Take Two featuring visual artist SSYSTM

Take Two’s pop sensibility matched with Charlie’s genre-bending virtuosity will provide an energetic closer to the busy weekend at Singapore: Inside Out. SSYSTM is no stranger to the music scene, he has worked with countless acts from iNCH to Intriguant to Pleasantry to Chok Kerong, adding a suitable visual accompaniment to any musician he works with and will bring a unique edge to the performances of Take Two and Charlie Lim.

6th Dec, 5pm
SGMUSO Panel: How To Grow An Overseas Fan Base

Having done a full run of Singapore: Inside Out in 3 different cities, Syndicate and SGMUSO along with guests, share their perspectives on how they’ve built their own music communities overseas. Agents, publishers, publicists and more, all play a vital role in the complex growth strategy of an artist. The panelists, though with different roles in the industry but with a wealth of experience from touring, will discuss strategies for connecting to fans and communities abroad, with an eye on cultural policies that can improve also the growth of an artist locally.

Panelists: Cherry Chan (Syndicate), ChaCha, Syaheed (SGMUSO), Lim Teck Kheng (Universal Music), Dean Chew (Darker Than Wax)
Moderator: Hidzir Junaini

6th Dec, 6.30pm
SGMUSO Live Showcase:
Pleasantry, THELIONCITYBOY featuring visual artist Empyreal

No one throws a better party than THELIONCITYBOY so who better to close the show with? Pleasantry’s dynamic ethereal tunes are perfect to kickstart the Sunday night. Once the crowd has been revved up, TLCB will pump up the party and put the finishing touches to this project. Visual artist Amanda Tan (Empyreal) specialises in club visuals and has done projects with FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp, and will add the right party vibes.