SGMUSO Live Showcase: Beijing Announcement 
Apr 05, 2015

SGMUSO LIVE SHOWCASE: Singaporean Music Acts Chosen For Traveling Showcase of Singapore's Creative Talents

6 April 2015 - The first two Singaporean music acts to secure a unique opportunity to extend and enhance their export effort in a collaboration between The Music Society, Singapore (SGMUSO) and Singapore Tourism board (STB) viz. SGMUSO Live Showcase have been chosen, and will perform in Beijing this April. 

Contemporary ethnic trio SA and indie pop outfit Take Two will perform at various SGMUSO Live Showcases during the programming at SG:IO in Beijing. SG:IO will be housed within a specially-designed modular structure at Locomotive Square (Beijing) from 22nd to 26th April 2015. 

The SGMUSO Live Showcase will run in parallel with Singapore: Inside Out (SG:IO), a traveling showcase celebrating Singapore's contemporary creative talents across various disciplines. Led by STB as part of the SG50 celebrations, SG:IO seeks to broaden the international community's perception of Singapore through a diverse presentation of creative works in Beijing, London, New York & Singapore from April to December 2015. 

"Along with the Singapore: Inside Out showcase, our partnership with SGMUSO will open up greater opportunities for our Singaporean musicians to build overseas connections and be profiled internationally. This initiative will also allow us to showcase the creative side of Singapore to international audiences, and train a spotlight on our burgeoning Singapore music scene." - Ms Carrie Kwik, Executive Director, Arts, Entertainment and Integrated Resorts, Singapore Tourism Board

The acts will also endeavour to seek their own shows in Beijing, in addition to performances at SGMUSO Live Showcase, to gain more exposure, contacts & market insights as well as hone their craft while overseas. While SA has already confirmed a tour of China and the region, including a show in Beijing, Take Two is preparing to do the same. 

"We're excited for the opportunity to reach out to the Chinese music lovers and we are currently focusing our energy into sourcing for additional gigs and shows. We hope to build a foundation in China now, from which we can grow in the future," says Take Two, who are also launching their debut EP 'Pairs' on 18th April 2015 at Aliwal Arts Centre. 

Of the collaboration and initiative, Mohamed Shahid bin Isahak, Vice President, SGMUSO & Graham Perkins, Chairman, SGMUSO state "It is a positive step forward for our Singapore music industry development. Artists and bands who see these three cities as a key market for their music, will get an opportunity to further their efforts and continue to build that foundation for their success."

Selection Process

SGMUSO Showcase Open Call Panel Members (Beijing)
Ed Peto, Outdustry

Justin Sweeting, Artist Voice Asia / Clockenflap Festival
Billy Koh, Amusic Rights Management
Leonard Soosay, Snakeweed Studios
Council Members of SGMUSO
STB officers 

To ensure SGMUSO's aforementioned objective - that the best possible acts which see Beijing, London or New York as key markets that they have been developing, get the opportunity to do so - the organization has put in place a rigorous and fair selection process by a panel consisting of independent SGMUSO council members (council members who did not submit their own act) as well as external industry experts both in Singapore and the respective regions. 

The two acts for Beijing were chosen from a pool of 70 that responded to SGMUSO's first of three Open Calls. After two rounds of selection, first by four local music industry players, followed by another panel including not only representatives of SGMUSO and STB, but also China/Hong Kong based industry players Justin Sweeting (Artist Voice Asia, Clockenflap Festival) & Ed Peto (Outdustry), SGMUSO is confident of the acts' ability to impress audiences in Beijing. 

"SA and Take Two have demonstrated, that not only do they possess the requisite musical talent, but also the drive and commitment to bring their music beyond Singapore and we are excited by the prospect of the bands being part of the SGMUSO Live Showcase in Beijing." - Kevin Mathews, Treasurer, SGMUSO. 

The acts have already a good track record in and outside Singapore. Apart from performing extensively locally, SA has performed at Shenzhen Fringe Festival in China and Take Two has performed in Malaysia, Thailand and Spain. 

It will be a particularly synergetic experience for SA, which combines traditional Chinese music elements with modern techniques like live-looping. Says the trio, "This will be a chance to showcase how Chinese traditional music in Singapore has had a chance to transform into something uniquely Singapore... We appreciate the greater exposure to the genre we are trying to promote." 

Representatives of SGMUSO will also be conducting networking sessions on the ground with local music promoters, labels and managers, as well as press and officials to foster trade development between the two countries. 

Second & Third Open Call for London and New York
SGMUSO has been conducting a series of open calls for Singaporean musicians to be a part of SG:IO. The first two of three bands to travel to London, and first of two bands to travel to New York will be announced in mid-April 2015. The second Open Call, specific to London will run from 13th to 26th April 2015, while the third Open Call, specific to New York will run from 13th to 19th July 2015. 

About Singapore: Inside Out - A showcase of Singapore's contemporary creative talents

Singapore: Inside Out is a traveling showcase celebrating Singapore's contemporary creative talents across disciplines, and will travel to Beijing, London and New York City before returning to Singapore. It aims to broaden the international community's perception of Singapore by showcasing a spectrum of creative talents. As part of the SG50 events for Singapore's golden jubilee, the project is a reflection of the coming of age of Singapore's creative talents and their achievements. 

Founded in 2001, the band takes its name from Northern Chinese dialect, 仨, which means three, as a tribute to their traditional chinese roots though all three are Singaporeans. All members received professional training in their respective instruments in Shanghai, HongKong and Beijing. For SA (仨), each instrument is merely the start of an exploration in sound. Every original composition is a bold experiment that combines traditional elements with modern techniques such as live looping. Triggered live (no patches, no bass), every performance is a risk that the band takes to interpret the question of identity. 

Take Two
Contributing members of society by day, indie-pop outfit by night- leading the double life is the name of the game for Take Two. Formed in late 2012, these five boys are anything but a boyband. Influenced by Brit-rock, jazz and indie-pop, Take Two brings you their blend of guitar-driven musical incarnations, full of crafty chord work and foot stomping grooves. Their all-original compositions have garnered praise from notable publications like NYLON & Radsound UK, helped them win the 2014 NOISE Music Mentorship Award and have secured tours in Thailand and Spain. 

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