Grizzle Grind Crew Workshop Series
Mar 24, 2015


In conjunction with SGMUSO and *SCAPEmusic (the music programming pillar of *SCAPE) and along with CONFESSTIVAL x #2ndGGC Anniversary show, the Grizzle Grind Crew are putting together a series of workshops where youths can learn to hone their skills in rapping, turntablism and beat-matching, how to produce top notch  music videos from the crew! 

International guests Joe Flizzow & dumbfoundead will also be speaking at a panel where they will share how they have built their hip-hop careers and empires and what inspired them to pursue their passions. 


5th APRIL 2015
*SCAPE The Colony, Level 4

Do you have concepts for Music Videos? Learn how you can execute your vision with Grizzle Films' ShiGGa Shay and Oszkid. Join them as they talk about frame composition, the video production process and of course, how to make your video memorable. Share your works and ideas with your fellow participants and discuss ways to improve your craft. 

Entry to this Music Video Production Workshop is by registration. Please sign up over at the "Be Part" tab. Not to be missed! 

DJ Workshop

5th APRIL 2015
*SCAPE Level 4 Dance Studio, Level 4
Dream of rocking the house at a club but you have no idea how to get started as a DJ? Let Grizzle Grind Crew's own DJ NashD and DJ LeNERD show you some basic turntablism and beat-matching know-how. You will also be able to jam with your instructors during the class! 

Entry to this DJ Workshop is by registration. Please sign up over at under the "Be Part" tab. Not to be missed! 

Rap Workshop
5th APRIL 2015
*SCAPE The News Room
Learn the basics of rap-lyric writing. Led by Charles ENERO and LINEATH, the workshop will cover the different techniques essential to develop your skills as a hip-hop lyricist: The science of rhyme (finding and rhyming words you already know), Multi-syllabic rhyming (the most basic technique every aspiring rapper must practice) and what can you talk about in your rap ('cause everybody has writer's block every now and then). Bring your pre-written verses for advice on how you can improve your writing and performance.  

Entry to this Rap Workshop is by registration. Please sign up over at under the "Be Part" tab. Not to be missed! 

Behind The Scenes: On My Grind
5th APRIL 2015
*SCAPE The Colony
Meet Hip-Hop giants Joe Flizzow (MY) and Dumbfoundead (US) up close as they talk about their success, source of motivation and what keeps them on their Grind. Prepare to be inspired by the two biggest names in the Hip-Hop industry!  

Entry to this music panel is by registration. Please sign up over at under the "Be Part" tab. Not to be missed! 

*Free for all to attend! 
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We look forward to seeing you there!