100 Bands Festival: SGMUSO Panels
Jun 03, 2014

The 100 BANDS FESTIVAL is a community music festival curated by THE RSC, in collaboration with People's Association's BANG! BANG! WONDERLAND - an Aljunied cluster Arts playground. At this massive party, artists and music-lovers of all kinds gather to celebrate, listen to, learn about, and appreciate local music. Featuring original local music of  myriad genres from rock to indie, electronic, and even some soul, there will be musical gems for everyone to discover. 

Set in an old bus interchange, the festival aims to escape local music to a greater Singaporean community within an unconventional urban environment. The festival does not stop at just providing great music, however. Festival-goers will also be able to view and purchase the work of local designers and artists, as well as band merhandise, through various booths set up by the likes of Straits Records, Canopus Dangerous Goods and Dunce Distro. 

7/8/14/15/21/22 JUNE 2014
12pm to 10pm
Kovan Hub

Amidst the various activities happening at the 100 BANDS FESTIVAL, SGMUSO will also be presenting a panel sesssion each Saturday from 4pm-5pm. 

 Image credit: Bandwagon