The Steve Lillywhite Production Week

Apr 01, 2013

Launched in April 2013, the Production Week initiative began with the aim of helping artists and individuals develop necessary skills in the various aspects of Production. SGMUSO proudly kicked off its inaugural Production Week with five-time Grammy Award winning producer, Steve Lillywhite (who produced U2, The Killers, 30 Seconds To Mars, The Rolling Stones, and more.)

The Steve Lillywhite Production Week gave 4 Singapore bands this fanstatic opportunity to learn from renowned producer Steve Lillywhite as well as a change to develop their music craft. Through an open call for submission, 4 bands- Atlas, Monster Cat, Sub:shaman and The Sam Willows were selected by Steve to take part in this initiative and record live with him at Yellowbox Studios. 

Local producers Don Richmond, Jason Tan and Roland Lim were personally mentored by Lillywhite himself during the Production Week. The Sam Willows were eventually selected to spend the rest of the week recording further material with Steve while the other three bands were each tagged to a producer and given the opportunity to observe the recording.

The Steve Lillywhite Production Week met with huge success and great media coverage. The week-long activities culminated with another new initiative from SGMUSO called SOUNDCHECK


Day 1 


Day 2 & 3



Day 4